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DESIGN, FOTO, & PROJECTS PORTFOLIO is the online portfolio and home of Alex Neri. Here you'll find all works in various fields, ranging from distinctive logo, branding, and identities to random doodles uploaded on the Adobe network, up until technical projects borne from participation in the Information Technology fields.

I am a technical creative that loves new technology, design, typography and photography. My interests range from elegant and clean user interfaces to Japanimation. I have been in the IT Industry (with a chunk of it in gaming) for over a decade since graduating in 2007. Participated in Startup Weekend Manila in 2013 with a team that won first place. I left the Software Test Analyst track to freelance and to build my own design and writing studio last April 2017. Joined Oracle NetSuite as a Technical Writer in June 2017, and now a Senior Technical Writer for Backbase in 2022. Together with Kendrick Go, I have also started GM Ventures, a company that works in various industries and sectors to further enrich human lives, usually in partnership with Rotary BGC.
Outside of work, I experiment with machine learning and AI, with a focus on GPT-4, Pinecone, and most recently, LangChainAI. I also advise startups on how to kickstart their ideas into a workable company and business model.
私は新しい技術、デザイン、タイポグラフィ、写真が大好きな技術的なクリエイターです。私の興味は、洗練されたクリーンなユーザーインターフェースから日本のアニメーションまで幅広く、2007年に卒業してから10年以上IT業界(そのうちのかなりの部分がゲーム業界)で働いています。2013年にスタートアップウィークエンドマニラに参加し、第1位を獲得したチームの一員でした。2017年4月にソフトウェアテストアナリストの道を離れ、フリーランスとして自分のデザインと執筆スタジオを立ち上げました。2017年6月にOracle NetSuiteのテクニカルライターとして、そして2022年にはBackbaseのシニアテクニカルライターとして加入しました。ケンドリック・ゴーと共に、GMベンチャーズという人々の人生を豊かにするさまざまな業界や分野で活動する会社を立ち上げました。これは通常、ロータリーBGCとの提携で行われます。
*NOTE:日本語ができるだけど、あまりまだまだですよ。Let me know if there are errors (=゚ω゚)ノ

Key Knowledge Areas
As my experiences are varied, I have had a hand in most areas of Software and Game Development.
For brevity, my key knowledge areas are:
Technical Writing
My current work in the software industry is taking me to a new direction: Technical Writing. In my current role, I write and create manuals, reference materials, and instructional materials for both written and video mediums. These have a different look and feel than my past work, but it is a very interesting and deep challenge as you cut most of the fluff and create material that can be easily localized for any country.
User Experience Research and Writing
As part of my previous work in gaming and consulting work for testing, I have experience with doing user feedback sessions for games and enterprise applications. Also as part of my work as a Technical Writer, I have written and tested user interface text and microcopy for enterprise apps for a clean and intuitive experience.
Machine Learning & Data Science
Part of my research in both Oracle (soft side project at the moment-- nothing big yet!) and in SG Research, I have started my studies in making data science and machine learning work in various fields I know, such as Game Publishing (with focus on MMOs), Using NLP for AI-assisted writing (for both content creation and technical writing), and in general gaming. Currently, I use MATLAB for my projects, but am slowly moving towards Python to make my work cross-platform and more open.
Most recently, I am working on a project combining different project implementations to be able to let the machine "think" about how to accomplish a project.
Game Story & Scenario Writing
I have written scenarios and stories that encompass a hero's journey, or a destructive path of a villain. Or flipping it around where the hero is actually the villain. I can also write quest chains inside an established world (usually for Massively-Multiplayer Online Games) and work with creating stories behind mundane items for their flavor text.
Nowadays, I write on online story platforms to keep my creative juices working. Sometimes, fanfiction, sometimes one-shots. :p
Localization Editor / Quality Assurance
Localization editing is like a cross between scenario writing (where you write dialogue) and with software testing, where you check the translated material, cross-reference it with existing styles, established lore, and then match it with the context it's given. Afterwards, you make a report that largely resembles a bug report to the engineering team to change the strings or text (it's a whole different banana if it's a design / art asset).
Most fun is where you have to watch/read up all of the related material, especially if it's an established intellectual property.
Game UI Design
I have worked on Game UI Designs for varied platforms, such as web games (flash, HTML5, and the like), PC desktop games, and mobile. While I haven't touched yet on consoles, most of my inputs and designs are rooted to the idea of cross-platform deployment-- which means that no matter what the platform is, the UI should work.
Game Test Design, Planning, and Execution
My work in the game publishing industry is a storied one, with experiences in testing new content and reporting issues and community concerns to the development team. I have worked on designing, planning, and executing game testing / QA for functional and localization focus.
Server Management & Technology Stack Planning
I have built sites since 2007, with SOS Bulletin as my key landmark site creation (I was totally enamored with Haruhi Suzumiya!) from there, I have worked with server hosting technologies, alongside knowledge of Microsoft & Office 365, Google Workspace, Exchange, Internet Information Services (IIS), Apache, MySQL, MSSQL, Azure, and more. 
I also have worked with a small startup in setting up their internal services and networking to get things rolling.
Even if my primary platform is WordPress, I have touched upon multiple platforms. Any new platform I can work with, just tell me what you need and we'll make it happen.
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