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On this page we explore the results of my work in the world of technical writing: What was done, Why was it needed, and How did it help.

API Documentation Sample
Writing Application Programming Interface (API) Documentation involves a deep understanding of the feature and service in order to deliver a comprehensive guide to consume a service.
This guide was created to serve as a starting point for all engineers and system integrators to connect and integrate China's Golden Tax system, NetSuite's financial data, and customized tax reporting systems.
Another example would be a developer guide that kickstarts their application development in a new reporting framework. This enabled more partner developers in adopting the new tax reporting system faster than before.
For samples, see China Golden Tax System Integration API Overview and How To Build A Country Tax Report: Tax Audit Files (video guide; requires a NetSuite account. Alternatively, you can access the PDF guide.).
Procedure and Explanatory
There are systems, while being straightforward and designed to be intuitive, still require a help topic to help explain information that cannot be explored upon in microcopy (UX Writing).
The key to building this topic is to:
• Understand your audience
• Write once, deploy everywhere (single source of truth)
• Eliminate fluff, and distill information to its essence
Writing for help topics will require you to ensure that it can also be translated to different languages, especially if your application is used globally.
This topic served as a guide for users who wish to use this system in generating their tax reports, regardless of what country they are in.
For more information, see Generating Localized Country Tax Reports.

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